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Spring has rolled in as furious and quick as a midsummer storm. It seems every tree is rushing into bloom. The perrenials are stretching up like lazy giants and wild edibles abound. It’s been shocking and soothing and something quite like madness all at the same time. (I turned my back for a minute and the grass has already grown so high as to be unmanageable!)

Dogwoods in bloom

This early spring has conjured up a blinding flurry of activity. The garden is siren calling me day-in day-out to start digging. We have plans to double the size of our garden beds, adding in borders of flowers, wings of herbs to surround the exisiting vegetable garden and excavating terraces of wild herbal perrenials up on the hill. Maybe you’d like to check out the “before” in anticipation of a mid-summer “after”:

The Hill: Dreamscape for a Terraced Wonderland of Herbs

Palm reader and blossoms in PA

Honestly, I almost feel as though I can’t keep up! I’ve been so busy with planting and planning, I’ve barely gotten out with my camera to capture the sheer emphemeral loveliness of this season. Just when you settle into the famailar site of one flower or unfurling, the whole scene changes before your eyes. Such is the way of Spring I guess. Yesterday, I took a couple photos around the house of some of my favorite returning medicinals. Some of these beauties have been planted in my garden, while others will always grow wild on their own. Sweet heaven.

calamus arisen

Holy comfrey! They're huge!

On top of all the gardening, growing, and dreaming, I have made a resolute decision to change my life. I’m determined to start up my own business. In light of this resolve, I left my old, very stable, job for a more flexible part-time position as a plant caretaker. It was a big decision, and not just because my income was going to be cut in half. It’s never easy to give up a sure-thing, no matter how unfufilled you feel. But, sometimes you really have to leap out into the unknown, let the future swirl uncharted, allow fate to sweep you up into her windy beginnings. When it feels right, go with it. Spring is all about the deep reward of foolishness. Every living thing is throwing itself into life with abandon. So I did too. This spring, allow yourself to bloom, change, begin again. You never know what you might find– those old promises of love and passion, opportunity, or just the ability to feel free.  I, for one, am chasing it all.